PSIber Guide

Concepts and Terminology

Offer of Employment

Employee Take-On


Fundamental Payroll Compliance

PSIber Payroll Creation

Year End Process - PSIber Interval Setup

PSIber Profiles

Document Templates

Employee Transfers

Payroll Processing

Employee Financial Information

Imports and Exports

Payroll Processing - Audit and Payments

Authorisation Requests & Employee Non-Financial Information

Payroll Month End

Reporting Overview

Tax Certificates


Employee Exits

Leave Processing

User Access

Payroll Processing and Checking: Additional Runs

Setup General Ledger

Entry Types

Email Notification Person Structure

Organisational Unit and Position Setup

Empowered Integration Setup

Leave Setup

Equipment and Assets

Job Grades, Titles and Location Details

ESS Travel Claims

Payslip Customization and Logos

Rejecting Payroll Runs, Tax Years and Tax Certificates

ESS Payment Requests

Notifications and Workflows

My Voice

Company Surveys

PSIber Training Management

PSIber GAP analysis

Profile File Setup

Verifications Module

Grievance Management

Disciplinary Management